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Language Courses for Erasmus  Students

The Language Teaching Centre
(known as IOK, Idegennyelvi Oktatási Központ)
of the University of Miskolc
currently offers Hungarian  Language Courses for beginners and Advanced English courses for exchange students from other universities Hungarian for Beginners and in Advance English.

Notice: For all language classes, there is an attendance policy – you must attend at least 70% of the classes and pass all tests and other assessments with a score of at least 60% in order to get credit.

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This class meets twice a week for two periods each time.  The timetable will be supplied to you by the Erasmus Coordinator at the beginning of the semester or at the building C/1 office 203.

The class covers basic Hungarian grammar and useful vocabulary. It is designed to help you get around, do your shopping, etc.

The teachers are Ms. Katalin Szokoli  (Office 208, Building C/1) and Mrs Józsefné Fekete (Office 210, Building C/1).

Every students recommennded to register on the Neptun


  • Beginner Hungarian for Erasmus students: MIMA01ER,
  • Beginner Hungarian for Stipendium Hungaricum studets: MEIOK01HUSH
  • Advanced English for Erasmus students: MIAN01ER
  • Advanced English for Stipendium Hungaricum students: MEIOK01ANSH


If there is demand for a higher-level course and if the teacher’s teaching load permits, it may be possible to arrange a class at a higher level in the next semester.

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This class meets once a week for two periods

Class activities are usually focused around a newspaper article, discussion of it, and some connected writing assignment. Attention is paid to the language used in different situations, especially academic English versus ‘general’ English.

Students will be asked to choose materials to work with independently. This allows students to address areas of special interest, particular weakness, etc.

The syllabus is somewhat flexible, and if students have special requests, it may be possible to work them into the syllabus.

If there is enough demand for an intermediate-level course and if the teachers’ teaching load permits, it may be possible to arrange an intermediate class also. If not, there is the possibility of joining English classes for Hungarian students.