Dear International Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the Language Teaching Centre of the University of Miskolc!

The primary goal of our centre is to provide students with high quality language acquisition in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Hungarian languages.

It is our university’s mission to ensure that students graduate as highly qualified professionals who meet the requirements of the current labour market. Therefore, our centre offers specialized language courses for professional purposes besides our regular general competence-based language courses. Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching technical, economic, legal, and medical professional terminologies in the above languages.

We offer specialized translator programmes to our students in material science, law, engineering and economics as well as business language courses in order to help our graduates integrate in the labour market in Hungary and abroad.

Our centre also offers international students a “preparatory year” complex programme in line with the international preparatory year curriculum. Students enrolling in the programme can acquire the language and academic competences required to enter university abroad.

We are a language examination centre as well for language examination systems specific to Hungary. Students who wish to obtain a language certificate can pass the examination in our centre and can also enrol in our popular exam preparatory courses in the above languages.

Besides foreign language acquisition, we are dedicated to teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. Our Hungarian courses are a requirement for Erasmus exchange students, and they are also a practical option for all international students in order to successfully integrate in the Hungarian job market.

Please consult the information on our courses!

English Foundation Programme

The English Foundation Programme for International Students (Preparatory Year) has been designed for students who wish to study at the University of Miskolc, but do not yet have the necessary level of English language competence and study skills to start a Bachelor degree program.

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Hungarian language courses at Advanced and Beginner levels

Dear Students,

We are happy to inform you that we are having Hungarian lessons for Doctorate students

1., at Beginner level on Tuesdays from 12.00 -14.15 and on Thursdays from 16.00- 17.30, both in C/1 202/b.

2., at Advanced level on Mondays from 11.40 – 13.55 , in A/1 310 and on Wednesdays from 13.30 – 15.45 p.m. in A/1 11 .

Attendance will be recognized on Neptun codes : MEIOKHUB and MEIOKHUA, respectively. Registration for the codes is available by the teachers having signed  up for the course and attending the lessons.

Hungarian as a foreign language and culture for the Stipendium Hungaricum students

The scholarship holder (participating in bachelor, master or one tier master programme) accepts to take part in Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course in the first year of his/her studies and as a compulsory obligation he/she has to pass the exam after the two-semester-long course. If the scholarship holder does not fulfil this obligation his/her scholarship will be reduced as follows from the second year until the end of his/her scholarship period: if he/she does not attend the course the scholarship is HUF 0/month, if he/she attends the course but does not pass the exam the scholarship is HUF 30.000/month.

👉Hungarian course description – Semester One

👉Hungarian course description – Semester Two

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👉SH rules

👉Timetable information

Advanced English Course for Erasmus Students

The Language Teaching Centre (known as IOK, Idegennyelvi Oktatási Központ) of the University of Miskolc currently offers an Advanced English courses for exchange students from other universities.
Notice: For all language classes, there is an attendance policy – you must attend at least 70% of the classes and pass all tests and other assessments with a score of at least 60% in order to get credit.
This class meets once a week for two periods on Wednesdays, from 6 to 8 pm. The teacher is Mr. Csaba Holló-Vaskó.
The classroom is in building C/1, second floor 202/A.

Beginner German for Erasmus students

This class (MINE01ER) meets once a week for two periods on Wednesdays, from 12 to 2 pm. The teacher is Ms. Dóra Dorkó.
The classroom is in building C/1, second floor 212.

Beginner Spanish for Erasmus students

The teacher is Mrs. Mária Havasiné Schultz.